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SyFy Alice: Jack/Duchess: Battered Rose

Title: Battered Rose
Author: mistress_britt
Fandom: SyFy Alice
Characters: Jack/Duchess
Word Count: 669
Rating: R
Summary: Duchess pretends that he loves her, Jack pretends that she’s Alice.
Disclaimer: Characters aren’t mine, lyrics belong to Emilie Autumn.
Author's Notes: Reviews are nice. Spoilers for Part 2. This is a bit of a darker fic, you’ve been warned.

You can see that I swim through the sea of painful

“Jack,” Duchess whispers after her lips run along his bare shoulder.

He doesn’t reply, just closes his eyes and lets her continue. Her lips press against the back of his neck, teeth scraping against his flesh and it makes him shiver.

Her nails run over his biceps, curling into them. Tiny prickles of pain flood his body and he moans when her hard nipples press into his back. Her bare breasts are a mixture of soft and hard against his skin. She catches his earlobe between her teeth and runs her hands down his chest, nails catching in the tiny hairs and teasing his erect nipples.

You have watched as I pull myself from the floor

Jack turns to face her, drawing her curvy body into his naked lap. He cups her beautiful face and he wishes that he didn’t picture Alice when he looked at her, but it’s all he can see in his mind. Duchess offers him a sad smile because she’s not that naïve. She knows he’s wishing this could be Alice instead of her. Duchess draws a plump red lip between her teeth and bites. Jack hisses and the warm blood tickles the tip of her tongue.

“You want to play this game?” Jack snaps, wiping his hand roughly against his mouth.

“I can’t be her, Jack. I can’t be your sweet little Alice. Your delicate lover,” Duchess informs him, her blue eyes blazing into his.

“Fine,” Jack growls and roughly takes hold of her upper arms, pinning her body beneath his.

And you were there when I built my tower like pebbles in the rain

His mouth captures hers hungrily, passionately and she yelps lightly when he enters her.

“God yes, Jack,” she moans and parts her mouth, letting out a loud moan.
His thrusts are hard and fast, painful almost, but she doesn’t mind, doesn’t care. She likes it. She welcomes it. Their relationship is summed up with pain now. It’s what defines them. She knows she’s a replacement for the woman he can’t have. The woman he couldn’t have.

It makes her pathetic, but she tries to push that thought far from her mind and digs her nails into his back. He growls into her ear and it makes her shiver. She knows she can never have the old Jack back so she’ll settle for this one. Sometimes she prefers him this way. At least he touches her.

Trying to balance all that I had left with what I didn't have anymore

Tears burn her eyes and her head rolls back with pleasure. He’s buried deep inside of her and he presses his lips hard against her neck, leaving a bruise. She quivers, muscles tensing, feeling ready to break and she presses her face into his shoulder. She cries out into his salty skin as she releases. She waits, anticipating him to pull away from her before he’s finished. Instead he grips her harder and comes inside of her, leaving her surprised.

For a brief moment there is tenderness in his eyes and he touches her cheek gently, stroking the smooth flesh. Tears spill from her eyes and her lips tremble, wanting to tell him that she loves him. She doesn’t.

“I should go,” he says and pulls away, leaving her feeling cold, unwanted and exposed.

“Yes, shan’t keep Wonderland waiting,” Duchess replies coolly before pulling the silk sheets around her body.

She watches him dress and aches for him to crawl back into bed next to her. She wants him to hold her, stroke her hair and smile at her like he used to. The ball of pain is tight in her chest and she pushes it deep inside her stomach.

“Take care,” Jack tells her before leaving.

Her tears soak the pillow.

But would you tear my castle down stone by stone and let the wind run through my windows 'til there is nothing left but a battered rose
Tags: het, jack/duchess, syfy alice

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