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SyFy Alice: Jack/Duchess: Silken Ties

Title: Silken Ties
Author: mistress_britt
Fandom: SyFy Alice
Characters: Jack/Duchess
Word Count: 658
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Her red, painted lips leave a stain on the side of his neck
Disclaimer: Characters aren’t mine,.
Author's Notes: Reviews are nice. No spoilers just basic PWP with a little bit of kink (just some light bondage nothing hardcore) thrown in. I’m thinking some Jack/Alice smut next, Y/Y?

She can feel him pressing against her thigh and her fingers set to work unbuttoning the collar of his shirt. The smell of his cologne is overwhelming and makes her feel dizzy. Her red, painted lips leave a stain on the side of his neck. He growls into her ear before biting down on the lobe. It makes her squeal with delight. She’s almost finished unbuttoning his shirt and he’s visibly straining in his pants.

She licks her smudged lips and gives him a smile when her hand squeezes him between the legs. He lets out a loud, frustrated groan and tightens his hands around her shoulders.

“Don’t tease,” he hisses.

“I think I’ll do what I want,” she giggles, blonde waves bouncing in the dimly lit room.

Jack raises an eyebrow, a smoldering look in his eyes.

“We’ll see about that.”

He pushes her onto the bed, pinning her down with his large, strong body. Duchess wiggles beneath him, pressing soft parts of her body against his erection.

“Stop or I’ll tie you down,” he growls in frustration at her insistent movement even though he enjoys it.

“Ooo, wouldn’t be the first time,” she winks, a pink tongue roaming against white teeth. Jack grins and pins her arms above her head.

“You are a very naughty girl, do you know that?” he whispers into her ear, making goose bumps pop up on her skin.

“I know. That’s why you love me,” she purrs. Her pupils are dilated to the point where her eyes almost appear black.

She feels the cool silk of his tie wrap around her wrists and he unhooks her skimpy top, slowly pulling it away from her pale skin. His thumb circles one of her soft nipples and once it’s hard, he flicks his tongue over it. Duchess moans contently. He basically rips the skimpy pair of panties off her round hips, large hands slipping under to cup her firm ass. With a graceful ease, he flips her onto her stomach. Duchess pants softly with sweat dripping from her skin onto the sheets.

Her breath catches in her throat with anticipation. Her mind is racing with when it is going to happen and as usual it catches her completely off guard. The smack to her ass makes her cry out softly and a blush rises to various parts of her flesh. Another smack lands on the curve of her bottom and his erection brushes against the wet folds between her legs.

“You look lovely like this, darling. Wanton, tied up with pink flesh, waiting for me to take you.” His voice is like smooth honey and it slides through her entire body, causing her nerve to wake up and pay attention.

“Take me already, Jack,” her voice is breathy and she doesn’t even recognize it coming from her own mouth.

He plunges into her without warning.

“Ahh!” she screams with pleasure and his large hands rest on her hips.

Her wrists rub against the bind of the tie and each thrust pushes her entire body forward. Her hard nipples scrape against the rough sheets and about a million tingles of pleasure pulsate through her body. His teeth graze over the tender skin of her shoulder, leaving a little mark. Jack takes pleasure in owning things and she’s no different. A finger moves over the sensitive spot hidden inside and her eyes shut tightly as an impossible fire burns deep in her pelvic region.

“Oh God! Jack!”

“Come for me, darling.” His words drip into her ear like sweet nectar, ensuring her immediate release.

She feels him come inside of her and for a brief moment their bodies still, turning them into one person. They break free and he unties her wrists. Fingers comb through her soft blonde hair and her hands roam over his chest. Jack tilts her chin up in order to give her a soft kiss. Duchess’s smile is soft and sweet.
Tags: het, jack/duchess, syfy alice

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